Battling dirt in the home: this is how we do it.

In this year’s IKEA Bootcamp we’re working with a start-up focused on ways to clean and protect hard and soft furnishings. As part of that collaboration, we posted a survey asking how you take care of your furniture and where you could still use some help. 230 of you took the time to respond, thank you! Here are some of the things you told us.

74% of us own furniture that requires a bit of extra care. Mostly, that means washing and cleaning textiles and protecting our furniture against spills. In most cases, it concerns the sofa or an armchair we own. The second most ‘bothersome’ piece of furniture appears to be the dining table.

We also asked you to look at a number of scenarios to tell us if these happen in your home. The most recognized scenario is the one illustrated below, 81% of us wish there was a way to keep our sofa spill-free.

The second most recognized statement was about mattresses. 80% of us wish there was a way to protect our mattresses since it’s such a hard product to clean.

We’ll be passing on all of this information to make sure we develop solutions for the dirt and messes on our furniture. Your responses have really helped in sending us in the right direction!