Bedtime stories: putting the project to bed

After a couple of months, we’re ready to wrap up the bedtime stories project. With your great ideas, our iteration, and the comments you gave on the platform we set out to create some prototypes!

We kicked off our week here with a prototyping workshop for our ‘bedtime stories’ project. That also means we’re wrapping up this project on the platform, but before we do that we wanted to take the time to update you and to let you know what we’ll be working on in the coming weeks and months.

Today’s session started with an overview of all the ideas currently on the platform. We laid out all the ideas, discussed your comments and ranked ideas according to votes.

We then went through the process of deciding which concepts we want to build prototypes for. 

We’re always considering multiple points of view here:

  • What did the community respond positively to?,
  • What is possible to produce in the business right now?, and
  • What is the company currently working on that is similar to these concepts?. 

After that discussion, we split the concepts and everyone got to work to build their prototype!

This prototype session, kaleidoscopes, lightboxes,  storytelling murals, light-up soft toys and more all got fabricated by quickly manipulating some tape, cardboard, and fabric. We used these prototypes to spark a discussion about how we would make these products, what we could still add and change to the concepts, and what is still unfinished or needs some more work.

Throughout crafting the models and discussing them, lots of thoughts always come up to make your ideas even better. For example, in this workshop, the velcro wall idea went from being a wall hanging, to a headboard, to both!

As a next step, the product developer in charge of the project will continue working on prototypes this week until she feels the concepts are developed enough to share. She’ll then get together with product developers throughout Children’s IKEA, textiles, and Home Smart to create a possible plan for these products. Hopefully, one or more will be developed into actual products, and we’ll make sure to keep you posted if they do!