Creative play: project wrap-up

Creativity is a way for children to have fun and be explorers using their own imagination. There are no limits when it comes to fantasy which is a big part of the creative process, and we couldn’t resist the chance to team up with one of Children’s IKEA product development teams for a brand new project around creativity!

Problem statement feedback

Product developer Jorge Santoyo and his team kicked things off by sifting through research and crafting 11 problem statements which we invited parents in the Co-create IKEA community to share feedback on.

89 parents took part and here is what they told us:

Community ideas & workshop

Over the past few weeks, we asked you to share your creative ideas around play. We received 30 fantastic ideas, 84 comments, and 514 votes!  Your favourite was Tomas’ Washable table cloth idea which received the most votes.

This week, product developer Jorge Santoyo and his team reviewed all your ideas and were particularly excited about ideas around outdoor activity and gardening sets, textile crafting kits, and miniature household products that kids and parents could use together.  During a workshop at IKEA of Sweden in Älmhult, they worked further with your ideas and input. We caught up with him during the workshop to find out more!

Regarding the ideas we got under the problem statement ‘Turn everyday life into play’ such as Mayra’s ‘Littles’ idea the team wants to continue looking into these ideas but in another setting than the MÅLA project.

The same goes for the great ideas we got around things you can make from cardboard, such as Måns’ ‘Thinking outside – and inside the box’, where we are currently looking into how we can make a bigger IKEA take on this.

When it comes to IKEA packaging, Måns Thunberg wants us to think both inside and outside of the box

There was also great interest around Junseito’s idea on scale models of IKEA furniture and this is something that the development team will look into in a different setting as well.

Community feedback & prototyping

The product development team uploaded 11 developed ideas onto the platform and asked for your feedback on whether the ideas solved the problem statements highlighted at the start of the project and what could be done to improve these ideas further. The ideas received 340 votes in total and here are the top favourites!

  1. Growing landscape
  2. Use over and over again art set
  3. Customise your own soft toy

Jorge and his team reviewed all your comments and feedback and kicked-off a quick prototyping session to explore these ideas further.

The team had a lot of energy around the growing landscape concept and created a number of different environments looking at how we might create self-sufficient live environments using solar energy, water recycling and small environments which would teach children about different plant growth whilst at the same time enabling them to play.

“We see great opportunity in looking how we can combine education and play with this concept and we will continue to explore this further with the help of colleagues within IKEA that are experts within gardening and plants,” said Jorge.