Co-creating with Australia’s future designers

What are your living challenges as a young student living in a major city? How about co-creating ideas together with IKEA Range and Product development team?

This June, a group of students from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) brought together knowledge on product design and interior architecture, gathered at the heart of IKEA – Älmhult, to experience the IKEA way of creating ideas and products for real problems.  

UTS students and faculty with IKEA co-workers in Älmhult

The workshop was part of a programme set up between IKEA Retail Australia and UTS to bring together IKEA expertise, academics and students from the Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building along with designers, design organisations and the community to explore topics around life at home in Australia. The platform also acts as a catalyst to provoke new ways of thinking and to develop a blueprint for future design practice in Australia.

“Over the past 3 days, I have learnt to work in a corporate environment, in multi-disciplinary groups. The way IKEA does business, design and produce products is very inspiring. ”

Lukas Raine, Interior Architecture Student, UTS

During their three-day visit and intensive workshop, IKEA co-workers from different areas of range and product design took the students on a full journey from people-centric problem statements to ideation and validation, applying our latest methods and digital product development tools.

At IKEA Range and Supply, we are opening up to collaborate with the many people and many partners. As a part of this journey, we are collaborating with different universities for future talents, innovative ideas and cutting-edge research, to create a better future together.

“I learnt so much about IKEA’s process and IKEA way of working. I will remember this immersive experience for a very long time.” 
Vincent Tsang, Product Design Student, UTS
“The IKEA designers have been great leaders and really encouraging and make sure that we are passionate about design. Overall it has been a really great experience!”
Sancia Holden , Interior Architecture Student, UTS

This is one way IKEA of Sweden is working with the many partners to develop ways of understanding the needs and challenges of customers and also spreading new collaborative ways of working to solve these challenges. The way IKEA of Sweden collaborates is a developing process but the aim is to find meaningful relationships with both customers and partners.