Comfort chair for young, urban lifestyles: customers test the prototypes

In the continuation of the “Comfort chair for young, urban lifestyles”, the project team developed raw prototypes that were tested in a special activity with the many people.

In order to validate the solutions and learn more about what people want and need, we invited 16 people to see and try three porotypes.

We learned a lot during the day spent together, from how the material would influence where people think a product should be in the home, what are the advantages for different materials but also what people expect from our future product: simplicity in design and assembly and honesty in showing how we achieve a low price.

Other learnings that we take from this day are that, although using the same space, a product can be perceived to be too big and that the high back of a comfort chair could make it look too serious.

Next, the team will take these learnings and all the input from the community and work with it in design proposals.