Cooking, eating, serving: the problems you recognised

At IKEA we’re continuously trying to understand your life at home. By understanding better we hope to be able to create even better products. Last week we ask you if you recognised any problems around cooking, eating and serving food, this is what you said.

In general, most of the statements we asked you about had quite a bit of recognition, but there were a couple of statements that stood out from the rest. The most popular?

“I try to live a healthy life and find exercising and healthy eating important, but in my busy life, I often struggle to find time to cook healthy meals. I wish there was an easy way for me to have access to healthy food.”

74% of our respondents either completely recognised or recognised this statement, making it the most popular statement in the survey.

The second most recognised statement was around keeping food fresh and wasting less of it. 68% of our respondents either completely recognised or recognised that statement.

The next step for us to take is to brainstorm around some of these problem statements and start thinking of possible solutions. We’ll keep you updated!