Life at Home reports

Once a year, IKEA take a focused look at how people use their homes and how they feel about where they live. Our product design development teams use these reports, along with other insights and research, when starting to think about new products. is updated with the newest edition, and here you can find the archive of past reports.

#1 – The World Wakes Up
The first report looked at the morning habits of people in Berlin, London, Moscow, Mumbai, New York, Paris, Shanghai, and Stockholm.

#2 – Tasting the Moments
This is the second report, we take a closer look at how people meet and eat in and around the kitchen.

#3 – What Makes a Home
The third report digs into the subject of what makes a home a home, looking at space, things, relationships, and places.

#4 – Beating the Battles
The fourth report took a different approach, exploring five common tensions found in life at home.