Living room storage: what we learned from you

At IKEA, we aim to create a better everyday life and how to do this better than finding out what are the people needs.

Recently, we asked you about your living room storage to better understand your needs and wishes and create even better products in the future.

In general, most of you have multiple storage units in the living room (approx. 72%) used to store books or other items, display the TV or other things you care about.

When it comes to the value it brings, many respondents said they like the design (59,5%), the fact that it hides the mess (55,2%), offers easy access (52,2%) and it displays nicely the things (38,4%).

The main issues people have with current storage are that is it hard to keep it organised (28,9%), that it cannot be used with the current devices because of cable management (25,4%) or that it does not have integrated lighting (17,2%).

The next step for us is to take the things we learned from you, understand better our current range and develop it further on to better suit your needs. We will update you as we go!