Naming the new IKEA ‘meatball’

One of the most well-known IKEA icons is the Swedish meatball, traditionally served with sauce, mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam. IKEA is working on the development of a new meatball that looks and tastes like meat but is made from plant-based alternative proteins.

The food industry is facing many challenges and often they are closely connected to sustainability. Research shows that to feed a growing population 70% more food will be needed by 2050 and that currently existing protein production cannot meet that demand.

“We see a growing demand from our customers to have access to more sustainable food options and we want to meet that need. Our ambition is to make healthier and more sustainable eating easy, desirable and affordable without compromising on taste and texture.”

Michael La Cour, Managing Director at IKEA Food Services

IKEA co-workers are helping to find the perfect name

In May of this year, IKEA Food asked co-workers around the world to help find the perfect name for the new ‘meatball’. From all the suggestions sent in, these were the most popular:

  • Sustaina-ball
  • Green ball
  • Gött-bulle
  • Incredi-ball
  • Plant-ball
  • Earth-ball
  • Unbelieve-a-ball
  • Goodie-ball
  • Alternative meatball
  • Responsi-ball

These suggestions will help to influence the direction IKEA Food takes when choosing the commercial name, however, it might not be exactly the same as those listed as there are many considerations to make when naming a new IKEA product, not least the legal aspects which we have to take into account

It’s super tasty. But what should we call it?

The name will be announced in June during the annual Democratic Design Days event but before then co-workers are asked to help with finding out how well the names work in other languages, and with the other meatballs in the range.

“Very inspiring to see the many great suggestions from our co-workers across the world, and it has helped us to evaluate in more detail the role of the FAMILY product name, commercial name and the legal name, as well as to become more sharp what is needed to launch a successful product both in our Restaurants and in Swedish Food Market.”

Sandra Lindh, Global Commercial Manager, IKEA Food Services