Cable clutter: taking the top concepts forward

Thank you for your participation in the “Unravelling life’s cable clutter project”. Because of you, we are now one step closer to becoming a cable clutter and management expert!

Your ideas and comments provided the project team with many good insights and a better understanding of the cable clutter problems. We have gathered all inputs on the proposed solutions, and as a next step, we will select top voted concepts for prototypes to test and validate.

For now, the project has closed on our co-creation platform, but when the team feels that tests and validations have led us to a few good solutions that address the cable clutter problems we identified as problem statements, we will come back with new activities.

Some of the top-voted concepts from the project

We saw a lot of support for different desk-based solutions, as well as lighting with integrated USB capabilities and even a table that doubles as an induction stove. We’ll see what makes the cut as we follow the progress of this project going forward.