How Do You Order At Restaurant In UK?


The British use a slightly different method for ordering their food, mainly because there is no need for translations to be made.

Able To Easily

You’re able to easily order your food – and pay – by speaking English in the UK. The one difference you’ll find is that instead of saying “fries” (chips), people will say “chips”.


The cuisine varies from region to region, but generally the types of food differ because many are based on what is locally available.

What Can I Find At A British Restaurant?


England has more pork dishes, Wales focuses on lamb and cawl (a vegetable soup), while Scotland and Ireland have beef dishes.


Smoked Kippers are also a popular breakfast or brunch dish on the menu in Scotland and Ireland.

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How Much is My Meal? How Do I Pay?

Price Of Meal

The price of a meal will be clearly posted at the restaurant so that you can see before you decide to order and pay. When it comes time to pay, you will want to give your payment before being seated - this is to avoid any confusion when it comes time for your waitress to come by and take your order.

Most Cases

In most cases, you can place your money on the table for them to collect as they walk by with their checklists . If a waiter does not wish to take your money, you can also hand them cash for service. In general, most waiters are courteous enough to take their money and ask no questions.

If you want to tip your waitress or waiter, this is usually done by leaving the server a small tip at the end of the meal. Although it is widely accepted in the UK that tipping is not needed.

There are restaurants that do use a customer-pays system where tips are voluntarily left by customers as an acknowledgment of excellent service (the exceptions being restaurants that pay their employees entirely with tips).


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