The emotional side of scent

How many times have you lit a scented candle for a dinner date with your partner, or to unwind after a busy day at work?

Scented candles and oils, reed diffusers, fresheners, incense or even the good old school potpourri — when it comes to creating an atmosphere with scent, there are many available options, but what seems to make a difference is the choice of fragrance.

How do you use fragrance at home? Join the home scent project to let us know!

The effects of fragrance on emotions have been the subject of many scholars around the world. Researchers have shown that the area of the brain responsible for olfactory messages is connected to the sense of wellbeing, which could explain the consistent rise in aromatherapy both as a complementary treatment and as a beauty trend.

At home, the right scent could help create a specific atmosphere, depending on the season or your mood. For most, vanilla triggers emotional connections and past memories. For others, fruity and floral scents provide for a sense of cleanliness and uplifting emotions.

At IKEA we’re continuously looking for the perfect scent to fit the needs of the many at home. We’re currently developing a project focusing on creating an atmosphere through scent, according to the different moments in life at home.

For you, what is the scent that triggers certain emotions? Join the project and tell us all about it!

Top: photo by Eli DeFaria on Unsplash