SKÅDIS: the project wraps-up

We kicked off this project with the ambition to take SKÅDIS to another level — and with your help, we did!

Co-creating SKÅDIS 2.0

In this project, we asked you what was missing from the existing SKÅDIS collection. You had plenty of ideas to share: from special holders to cable management solvers, plus an “all-terrain” SKÅDIS, prepared to handle heavy accessories.

We took every idea shared in the last three months and added our inputs, leading to some exciting new opportunities to keep improving SKÅDIS for the future.

The prototype from our latest workshop + the sketch developed by our SKÅDIS designer, Eva Löwenhielm

Overall, our community voted more than 1300 times in the existing ideas. For the next step, we’ve decided to take forward a new way of hanging the SKÅDIS pegboard onto existing surfaces in the home. But make sure to revisit all other master ideas: you never know when they could show up in a store near you!

The power of customisation 

We first envisioned SKÅDIS as more than just a regular pegboard and some accessories. We wanted these products to be a way for the many people to organise and display whatever they wish, by mixing and matching in their own unique way.

Besides the fantastic contribution from our co-creation community, we also found other vibrant open-source communities that have been dedicating their energy in developing SKÅDIS. In Thingiverse, for example, members design new SKÅDIS accessories to suit their personal needs and share the files — free of charge.

The power that lies in the ability to fit anything to your needs, as long as you have access to materials or a 3D printer, is infinite.

A fully custom experience that allows you to be creative and make life easier, your way — that’s what we’re aiming for with SKÅDIS range of accessories, and it’s what we’ll continue to improve!