Air purifiers and bedroom furniture: the results are in

Over the last two weeks, you have all helped us create better products by letting us know what you thought of our new bedroom furniture and our new air purifiers. In this post we want to summarize our findings, talk about next steps and thank you for your awesome feedback!

The air purifiers

We know air pollution is a problem in more and more urban areas so we’re developing air purifiers as part of the Home Smart range and asked you to rate three designs to help us make healthier air in homes across the world. 56 of you rated each design based on four criteria:

  • How well the design meets the needs of clean air in the home
  • How well the design fits style at home
  • Whether the design would require an additional cover
  • The product’s perception of performance and quality

We received input from across the globe which proved very interesting for Rebecca Töreman, project leader in Home Smart and the team working on the air purifier range. The specifically focused on feedback from members living in highly polluted parts of the world. Across the board, design #3 scored the highest in terms of function, design and perceived performance & quality.

Air purifier, design #3

Feedback on perceived stability of all three designs was a reoccurring theme, with many reviewers commenting that legs would need to be stable to create a quality product. Others also commented on whether the solution would require legs at all or could be wall mounted.

The Home Smart team is now working on developing the design further based on the community feedback received. Rebecca found feedback on how the product could integrate with other smart solutions in the home very interesting and has revealed that it will be something that her team looks into. Similarly, due to feedback received they are also working on developing how air cycles through the system due to the feedback that by only using a front or back facing air flow, the product could risk circulating the same air.

The developed range of products will hit the stores in 2020 so keep an eye out!

Meanwhile in the bedroom… 

At the same time as we were testing our new air purifiers, we also wanted to hear what you thought of a series of bedroom products in two new series: INVIK and HUAGA.

Approximately 40 of you let us know what you thought of the new products in general and more specifically if the products met your style preferences and needs at home. One thing is for sure, not all products were rated positively, but that meant we might have learned even more.

HUAGA chest of drawers

The HUAGA range, for example, was not well received when it came to style. The open chest of drawers was one of the worst scoring products we tested in this range. As one of our community ambassadors commented: “seems like it sort of stuck stylistically between a children’s chest and a more ornate, old fashioned piece and as a result just ends up looking awkward”.

The open storage solutions also did not score very well when it came to ‘meeting my needs at home’ and made us question whether we’re on track with open storage solutions for clothing. As one of our community members told us, “is open clothes storage in a bedroom really popular outside showrooms?” and other participant agreed, saying, “Not keen on open wardrobe solutions for Asia markets. Prefer close wardrobe due to dust.”

In short, the results might not have been overly positive, but there is a lot for us to learn. Right now the development team is looking closely at the results to process the scores and evaluate your comments. They need to see what they can still change before the launch of the products, so we’ll keep you updated if they make any changes according to your feedback and comments!

Thanks everyone for your great feedback!