SKÅDIS: a new project to take pegboard further

Since launching in 2017, SKÅDIS has been a rising star in the kitchen, bathroom, home office and more. Now, it’s time to take it to another level.

Fun fact: skådis means “actor” – an appropriate name for a pegboard that performs a variety of jobs across the home. Although customers applaud SKÅDIS, they’ve also commented on the need for additional options like wider shelves, magnets and knobs. We already offer about a dozen accessories (clips, hooks, containers, a shelf, etc.) and we want to expand the family and attract a broader audience.

In this project, we will need your help to imagine the possibilities of what SKÅDIS can do and be. What accessories are missing from our cast of characters? How can personalised pegboard organisation help reduce daily dramas?

Until the end of January, you can vote on the problems that are most relatable to your life at home. At the beginning of February, we will ask you to share your thoughts and ideas to make the SKÅDIS collection even better!