Wireless charging: prototype workshop

In our wireless charging solutions and charging cable decluttering project, we looked on solutions to make charging our gadgets more home furnishing friendly.

After the prioritization and input, the project team had a prototyping workshop in which the following main ideas were developed:

Charging pillow

The idea is answering to the “Functional and beautiful” problem statement and it is for people who want to have the benefit of charging and integration so that it looks good.

The soft cover makes it possible to hide your charger and cables easily on the sofa, children’s room etc. It gives the home furnishing feeling. The design solution simplifies and reduces effort while charging and gives the possibility to organize cables when not in use.

Charging tray

The team looked also on how to develop a charging hub for those who need a charging station with multiple charging ports both USB and wireless.

The solutions they developed is a “Serving Tray” that has legs and a net to hold the cables which you want to place on the table where the charging ports are integrated.  Provides a solution which gives the opportunity to choose what type of charging the user needs and makes it possible to hide the cables.

Charging stand

The team also looked into developing an idea starting from the “Integrated wireless charging” problem statement to help people who want to charge their devices easily.

The solution is a charging stand where the user can decide to have USB and/or Wireless charging. The wireless charging puck can be integrated into the charger if needed. The stand makes it possible to place the phone both horizontal and vertical. The design of the stand reduces effort and gives the possibility of integration.

Plug stand

Working further on with the ”Functional and beautiful” problem statement the team also developed an idea for people who want to make use of their existing environment to charge their phone easily and convenient at home or during traveling.

The ‘Plug Stand’ is a mechanical solution where existing cables can be used to charge devices. The stand can be hanged to the plug. The design reduces effort and provides a safe solution that makes charging easy and convenient.

Charging shelf

For the same problem statement, the team also an idea for those who want to use and charge their devices at the same time in a kitchen or living room.

The solution is a shelf that has wireless charging and USB charging which can be attached to the kitchen cabinets and storage units. It does not prevent opening/closing the cabinet door. This solution simplifies and organizes charging and adds functionality with its design aspect.

Because these concepts need to be developed more technically, the project will end with this stage in the community and we hope to update with developments as we proceed.

Thank you for your ideas, inputs and time took to choose the ideas you best liked.