ALEX 2.0: project update

With your help, we are now closer to making ALEX even more relevant for the next ten years!


ALEX is a family of solutions including desks, drawers, cabinets and shelves. For the past decade, ALEX has been getting nothing other than love from all around the world, but it’s time to upgrade it to make it even better.

ALEX furniture with measurements

In this project, we asked our community to share ideas on how to make ALEX more suitable for the endless needs at home, such as switching between activities, living in small spaces and/or sharing that same area.

You heard our call, and together we worked on some very good inputs that collected around 300 votes – proof that our home office hero draws a lot of energy.

From new ways to organise and make the most out of small spaces like adding vertical storage to the desk or even as solutions as simple as adding labels for keeping everything under the radar – you got it covered!

Now, the team working on ALEX 2.0, led by Product Developer Anthony Rotman, will continue to build upon your great feedback. We promise to keep you in the loop about further developments.